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 Why is your story so important  ?
Who is this Coaching For?

You feel called to make an impact but unsure as to how. You turn up for work everyday but you know there is something more. You’re not being fulfilled. You want to help more people and  create a bigger impact.  Everyday you think, “if only I could ……”.


The steps you fear taking will leave a mark, no one can fill your shoes, just as long as you start. First, baby steps, then longer steps. You’re not in competition with anyone to be you. You’re in a blue ocean where your DNA stands out. If you try to be anyone else you will encounter fierce competition. So just be you. The fear you feel is not real. You can’t touch it. It’s just for a moment.

How do you become the person you’re meant to be?

“I looked into the mirror and the person I saw wasn’t the person I wanted to become”. My job paid the bills but it  wasn’t making me smile or laugh anymore.

 Is that how you feel?

What is your story?

Think about all the experiences you’ve had in your life. Don’t dismiss any of it. Your life matters.

What is so great about your life?

Every day is a new day. What can you remember?

Why would anyone want to listen?

You believe you are the only one with the challenges that you are facing. There are people who want to know how you came through.

How can you get ready?

Get a copy of the presentation blue print.

What is the first step?

Get a copy of the presentation blue print. Click here.

Hi, I'm Alex Gordon

I help people become better presenters, business owners, coaches and consultants master their message through public speaking and storytelling.

I agonised for many years over what  should come next after 20 years in accountancy, the long hours of number crunching  was not providing  fulfilment.

It was at a Tony Robbins event, Unleash The Power Within when the light bulb switched on, a moment of realisation, “Eureka”, when I new what I was called to do. This was no different to one of my  Sunday Services. I imagined myself on stage speaking to 10,000 people.

It took another six years to pluck up the courage to walk away from my 9 to 5 job, the done for you lifestyle and  creating a future for myself on my own terms.

In 2012 I wrote a book called, “What is Your Dream?” It’s time to “Dream  Bigger”.


He has the unique ability to energize a room, communicating with clarity , energize and stimulate his audience so they leave wanting to answer his signature question ” What is your (my) dream?”

Colin Tomlin

CEO, Cre8 Futures

” Hi Alex, I really enjoyed listening to your presentation last week at LBC. It was really informative & I valued your positive energy.Best wishes for the future, Kathryn

Kathy Mcul


It has been such a pleasure working with Alex. His approach made me very relaxed and allowed me to flow.

I’ve learnt so much through his coaching style – about me, what I really want from myself and how being honest about my truth is ok.

I understand now that I don’t have to rehearse a story as I am my story and believing that will help me to deliver my message wholeheartedly.

Shahana Khanom

Founder , Kadeena