This is My Story

I walked into the office and sat down, not my normal cheery self.  The job so far was paying the bills but I was not happy. I asked myself ” Alex, What is Your Dream?”

At the  age of 9 I  was taken to  Jamaica by my parents. This was heart wrenching. I lost my friends, my home and my cousins.

For a long time I was resentful, I lost out .  Years later , when I could think for myself,  I realised it was one of the most exciting things that had happened  in my life.  The outdoor freedom , the food, the people and the life style. But after eight  years I  returned  to the mother land.

My mother always said, “get a good education so you can get a good job”. So I pursued accountancy just because of that one statement. When I qualified in 1994 I knew I did not want to do this for the rest of my life. Only now do I understand why my mother was so purposeful in her statement.

My dad was a builder and life had its ups and downs, great when there was work, hence positive cash flow, and devastating when things were quiet, lack of cash.

In 2002 after a business trip to Australia, I new something had to change. A consultant I hired on a project said, “Alex, accountancy is not where your heart is, you need to be on stage”. I should have sacked him. Not long after my boss said, “Alex, you are so motivational, you remind me of Tony Robbins”.

That year I was set free, “You’re fired”, were the words echoing in my ear. I wrote my first  book “What is your dream” and took to the stage.

Since We Started

I  was always coaching  for free because that’s what you do in our community.  So I began the journey of a life coach and started charging. But something was still missing , I loved talking about dreams and visions hence the  book – “What is your dream” . In 2011 my wife and I piloted a TV program called Get Focused, all six episodes.  In 2012 I saw Andy Harrington on stage, attended the professional speakers academy and was smitten, this is it. A birthday present changed my life , the book,  the Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking by Craig Valentine. I birthed Master Your Message and became a Certified Speaking Coach.

I help business owners and executives to craft  their message, uncover their ‘mega magic’ story, while overcoming their fear of public speaking and raising their  presence.

What is your dream?​


You are a powerful speaker!

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You set the place alive!

Ruth Pearson


There is no way I can forget the tips shared. I wish I knew some of them sooner. 

Bella Bel