I have this dream, I see myself, speaking to an audience of 15,000 people, one day.

The most powerful tool we have as humans is our imagination. We can do anything because that is where it starts. So can I ask your help, I want you to help me imagine that audience, you are going to be that audience for me, is that okay? Yes or no? As I get re-introduced to the stage, I want you to go crazy and welcome me to the platform.

Is it okay if I tell you a story?
Have you ever wanted to do something so badly that everywhere you look you can see it, you hear it on the radio?
In 2000, for ten years I kept telling my wife I going to australia, she looked me blank. Why you going to Australia?
It must be the Aboriginees, “but you’re Caribbean Alex, not Aborignee. There is a connection.

That summer, About August, my line manager walked into my office, and what do you think she said? Alex. Is your passport in order? What do you mean, is my passport in order? I’m legal. I’m born here. What I mean is, can you go to Australia for me, we are looking at a new computer system, can you represent me? YES, YES , YES. It’s possible, it started with a thought, Speaking into being. This was my Eureka moment. My breakthrough.

The definition of a genius. An exceptional intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area or activity. Or exerting a powerful influence over another for good or evil.

Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Mark Zuckerberg
Richard Branson

From that list I want to talk about Steve Jobism. He was a geek that could present. Simple to the point and you were always spellbound. What made Steve Jobs a genius?

What do they all have in common. An exceptional skill in a particular area but where did it start. A dream. An idea. We all have these. Everyone has had a moment when we think , that’s my idea.
3 keys elements awaken the Genius within.

1) Presence being present – Show up and listen.
2) Participation – Invitation to be Involved .bringing people what they want, not what they need.
connecting the past and the present through your stories.
3) Practical – Then and now, better future. Promise the dream.