People love to talk, about themselves.

I learned this some years ago while managing a team. No matter what state of mind staff were in, there was one question when asked or slipped into the conversation triggers the imagination. I applied this while coaching: people who wanted to change their life, small groups of boys who were not being fathered and businesses who were stuck. You could see the light in their eyes once they connected. If you doubt me, test it with the next person you meet. Just ask.

So what do you think the question is? In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. declared to the world while championing the civil rights movement, to over two hundred thousand people, “I Have A Dream”. Even though he gave many more speeches we remember him for this one speech, “I Have A Dream”.

What Is Your Dream? The world is waiting for you to speak. This is my six point coaching blueprint from
my book “What is your dream?”

  • Desire
  • Reality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Attitude
  • Message
  • Success


What do you want for your life?
No one can answer this for you. It changes as you gain more experience of life and accrue
wisdom. I asked my son what do you want for christmas? The list was exhaustive. Ask an adult, you get a long


What obstacles are you facing?

Stop pushing through your mountain of obstacles. Find a way around it. The greatest obstacle is
the way you think. The words you use – I can’t, I don’t know how. You may not know but someone does.


What are you enthusiastic and passionate about?

If you are not enthusiastic about what you do you will regret it. Your passion drives the outward
expression of your enthusiasm. It’s like electricity, it can affect everyone and attract your audience.


What is shaping your attitude?

Life can make you unappreciative, seeing and living on the negative side, preventing you from stepping up. Choose to become a positive influence even when you do not feel like it. It is said, you become
like the five closest people around you. Make sure you team are go -getters and doers.


What is the one thing you would like to share with the World?

believe we all have something to contribute to our existence upon this planet. Sometimes we discover it
early or later in life. As soon as you discover that message, share it with the world.


What does success mean to you?

Is it possible for one meeting with one person to change the way you see the world? In 2013, at a seminar,
a gathering of like minded people in central London. The speaker was 72 years old. “Would he be relevant
for now? “ .

“He was in his prime 40 years ago”, that’s the thought in my head. He opened his mouth, 72
years of wisdom hit my brain. Two months later he died. It was as if he was speaking to me, “Success is not
what you have achieved, its not the toys you buy, or the things you acquire, its what you are able to leave when
you are gone, the impact on the next generation”. These words pierced my heart, It’s what you build that will
last after you take the exit for the last time.

Very often when I ask this question in seminars or to coaching clients, people give text book responses. Rip away
the mask and you see the true person. What do you mean by that? The things we buy fade, but the happiness
and fulfilment we desire becomes our mission for the time we have left. What is your dream?