These podcasts are about people sharing their stories, making a contribution to make the world a better place. It is so important we understand how powerful we are as human beings. To bring resolve to situations, to heal hearts and minds once we realise we’re not alone. When you share your story to the world hearts and minds get touched in ways that therapy cannot provide that immediate connection.

My greatest fear is not public speaking, my greatest fear  is that you are powerful beyond measure. It’s not the darkness that scares you, it’s your  light. You’re playing small because you’re scared but it’s your right to shine, to tell your story.

Your Story Matters, Share it today!

Interview with Pastor Paul Grey:

Well-being Consultant, Inspirational Speaker


 30 yrs ago I  was  put in a seclusion room in the mental health system cocooned and isolated, but you know well-being is never losing hope. You see I had a dream, some called them grandiose  ideas, I believed that I would change the world for the better – the economy, environment, music and arts. My dream could never die, because it was grounded in something incorruptible, that is love, my faith in Jesus Christ, the resurrection and the life. I see my wife, who is now a Doctor of Education, and developing reading series for children; my son designing, and my daughter writing. And me a superstar reggae artist, well nearly! “Never give up on people and never give up on yourself”.

In the interview today is:

Michael Earle, Award Winning Wellbeing Consultant , Speaker & Trainer  who is really hot on people taking adequate breaks throughout the day. His favourite posts are “Always take your lunch break”.

Dr. Francis Labinjo

A general psychiatrist with expertise in addiction, forensic, mental health law and management consultancy.,

In the hot seat is  Luke Georgiou.

Luke has 10 years experience of coaching in professional sport.
He has worked with some of the biggest Football clubs in Europe. He now dedicates his time to speaking and teaching others how to perform at their best and in peak health!
This is what Luke had to say:
I really enjoyed the Personal Development interview with Alex Gordon today. Alex is such a great speaker and we covered some really relevant topics for the era we are now in. Now is the time to invest in our Health, Wellbeing, relationships and personal development…💪

Director of PJ Community Service at the cutting edge of social care.


A Former Cabinet Office Social Enterprise Ambassador. Her extensive experience  in developing and running Social Enterprise, building to a turn over of £2 million has enabled her to consult across the globe. A member of the John Maxwell Team, specialising in Leadership development.

A successful Trainer, Coach and Speaker.

Founder of Social Day,Digital Women, Avviso Media, #Shemeansbusiness and Facebook Blue Print Lead Trainer.


In the hot seat today we have Social Media Expert, Lucy Hall.
We’re talking about how to do social media so that everyone wins. I did initially refer to them as rules but I prefer protocol. Why? Because we want people to respect each other in social media. Adopting a behaviour goes much further than compelling people to follow rules. Now imagine if you could get your message across to more people and make a real and lasting connection, what would that do for your business?

Here are some links that Lucy wants to share with you –

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