How to Master Your Story So You Can Stand on Stage Without Fear, Disbelief and Anxiety Because Your Story Matters

Are you confident speaking in Public?

How confident are you speaking on stage? You’ve seen others speaking and thought, could I, am I ready?

There is no need to spend any more time, months after months  deliberating over  this …..

Story X

Your story the key to who you are, where you have been and  where you are going. Told like no one else only the way it was designed to be told. You qualify because you have lived it. When you command your own story your confidence levels will start to rise. Your audience will notice and applaud your achievement.

1 Day  Workshop for Story X

Develop your skills to tell your story with more confidence.

 – Create a M.A.P of your story

 – Stand Up and Deliver your own story

 – Get a recording of your story

 – Get a 2020 Vision Board



Date :  Friday 24th January 2019

Venue: Canada Water Theatre

21 Surrey Quays Road, Canada Water

London SE16 7AR


Imagine speaking to a room full of your people who can’t hold back the tears. They feel your story.


Imagine feeling more confident sharing what you know best, what you have experienced.


Imagine showing the people who never believed in you, who never encouraged you, how awesome you have become.


Imagine standing in your power and presence without fear, disbelief or doubt connecting to your audience.


Imagine closing the sale because of your story and not feeling salesy.

 This workshop will you help you to uncover your understanding of

The power of your imagination in framing your story 

The 7 step framework to anchor your story

✅ How to structure your story for maximum impact

✅ The universal framework behind every successful story

✅ The proven on stage strategies to present your story

✅ The space to practice what you’re learning immediately

 This workshop will you help you to release from within 

✅ Your genius that you really are but no one has seen or recognises yet

✅ Your Spirit of excellence in what you do by telling your story

✅ Your authentic style of presence and delivery


✅ Because people want to connect with you first, Your Story, not a brochure , nor products or a website.



Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever

Native American Proverb

If you’re ready to rock 2020, then let’s get started on Story X !

This program was originally £297, Now £127 .....

Limited-time sale price until 18th January 2020.. Only fixed amount of tickets.

I'm Alex, Inspirational Speaker and Chief Master Your Message Coach. After 20 years of accounting, I never realised that I could speak and get paid to speak. I was speaking for free all the time. The switch flipped when it was pointed out to me that I was more excited about the voluntary work I did than my career at the time.

Every individual is born with something to offer the world, an idea, a strategy or a gift. All encoded in our DNA. When we unlock what we have everyone benefits.

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